Hi all,

My name is Olivia.

This is probably going to be a blog documenting my United World Colleges experience. More to come on that later.

a few things about me:

  1. Canadian.
  2. I really enjoy playing field hockey, soccer and dragon boating.
  3. I have a personal aquaponics system set up in my house, which is home to 10 (or 11 ish) Rosy Red/fathead minnows, and to two ghost shrimp. It is currently growing basil, grass, coriander and a carrot (we’ll see how that one goes).
  4. I hate not using my time well.
  5. I love quotes. and puns.
  6. I love going to bed tired. Especially after having a really eventful or productive day.
  7. I love lists, white boards and sticky notes.